Facilitating Authentication by an Authorized Representative on behalf of the Owner of the document


According to the Authentication Rules and Regulations (ARR) of the Department of Foreign Affairs, beginning 21 March 2016, an authorized representative is only allowed to process and claim documents on behalf of the owner provided that he/she presents the following:

  1. Original copy of the Notarized Special Power of Attorney from the owner of the document/s
  • If owner of the document/s is out of the country, SPA must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate.
  • For document/s of minor, SPA must be issued by either of the minor’s parents.
  1. Photocopy of the applicant’s valid ID bearing his/her signature
  2. Photocopy of representative’s own valid ID bearing his/her signature

A representative is limited to file and/or claim documents of only 10 applicants per week. Further, the SPA must indicate the name of the representative.


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