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Q: Who is eligible to apply for a Philippine passport?

A: Only a Filipino citizen is eligible to acquire a Philippine passport.


Q: How do I apply for a Philippine passport?

A: Set an appointment at Appear on the actual date of appointment and bring the complete set of requirements appropriate to your application.


Q: Where can I get a passport application form?

A: You may download the passport application form from this link


Q: Does the DFA allow walk-in applicants?

A: DFA Aseana as well as Satellites Offices such as DFA NCR West, South, East, Northeast does not allow walk-in applicants. (Courtesy lane applicants are virtually walk-in applicants.)

NCR Central accommodates walk-in for OFWs only.


Q: From the date of my appointment, how long should I expect the regular passport application to be processed?

A: For NCR applicants, you should expect your passport to be released fifteen (15) working days after being accommodated for processing.

For RCO applicants, you should expect your passport to be released twenty (20) working days after being accommodated for processing.


Q: Is DFA offering an expedite processing?

A: Yes, DFA offers expedite processing with a processing period of seven (7) working days for NCR applicants and ten (10) working days for RCO applicants. The fee for expedited processing is Php 1,200.00.


Q: What are the requirements for a passport application?

A: For the list of requirements, please visit the Passport homepage.


Q: Where is the nearest consular office / passport capturing site in my location?

A: You may view the complete list of consular office / passport capturing site at the Directory page.


Q: What is the validity of a Philippine passport?

A: In accordance with Department Order No. 010-2017 or the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 10928 (2017), the Philippine passport has a ten-year validity period, for those issued to Filipinos 18 years or older. Filipinos under 18 years will still be issued five-year valid passports.


Q: How much is the passport fee?

A: New / Renewal

    Regular – Php 950.00

    Expedite – Php 1,200.00

    Penalty for Lost and Mutilated ePassport – Php 350.00


Q: Where can I claim my passport?

A: You may claim your passport at the consular office / passport capturing site where you originally filed your application.


Q: What if I lost my valid passport?

A: In case of lost or stolen valid passport, you may file and report your lost valid passport application at Consular Records Division. You will be required to submit Police Report and Affidavit of Loss. There will be a 15-day clearing period prior to the processing of application for the replacement of a lost valid passport.


Q: What if I lost my expired passport?

A: In case of lost expired passport, you will be required to submit Affidavit of Loss. Your application will be considered as first-time passport application.


Q: What if my passport is damaged?

A: In case of mutilated or damaged passports, you are required to submit Affidavit of Mutilation along with your passport application requirements.


Q: Can additional pages be inserted in the passport if it has run out of pages?

A: No. The Philippine passport has a standard booklet containing forty-four (44) pages. Should the passport run out of pages, you may opt to renew your passport.


Q: Can the validity of my passport be extended?

A: Validity of passports may only be extended if the purpose of travel is for medical and death emergency purposes.


Q: Where can Senior citizens, PWDs, and infants (up to 12 months) apply without an appointment?

A: They may apply at any DFA consular office / capturing site except DFA NCR Central.


Q: What should I bring along when I claim my passport?

A: You should bring your original passport receipt.


Q: Can I authorize someone to collect my passport on my behalf?

A: If you are unable to pick up your passport on the scheduled release date, you must execute Special of Attorney stating the reasons for the failure to personally claim your passport.


Q: What if I do not claim my passport after applying for one?

A: The Department will cancel your passport if you do not claim it within six (6) months from the date of release.


Q: I availed courier services to deliver my passport. Upon receipt, I found a discrepancy with my personal details. What should I do?

A: If your passport details has any discrepancy, you are required to report such inconsistency to the DFA capturing site where you originally filed your application for appropriate action.


Q: I want to use my husband’s surname when my current passport still indicates my maiden name, what should I do?

A: For married women applicants, you may renew your passport and use your married name by submitting Marriage Certificate and valid IDs bearing your husband’s last name on the day of your passport renewal application.


Q: Can I still use my maiden name in my passport even though I am married?

A: Yes, provided that you have not yet used your married name in any previous Philippine passport.


Q: I am currently using my husband’s surname in my passport. Can I apply for a new passport using my maiden name?

A: You may revert to your maiden name only if marriage is annulled or you are already a widow.


Q: My passport’s validity is less than 6 months, can I still use it to travel outside the country?

A: No. Your passport must be at least six-months valid for you to be able to travel abroad.


Q: I am a bona fide and current OFW. Where can I apply for a passport?

A: You may apply at DFA Aseana or DFA NCR Central without a passport appointment. You may apply in other consular office / passport capturing site provided you have a valid appointment.


Q: I have an urgent travel. How can I qualify for an early accommodation?

A: Request for early accommodation may be considered if the purpose of travel is for medical and death emergency purposes. Returning OFWs may proceed directly to courtesy lane without setting an appointment.


Q: I have valid foreign visas on my old passport. Should I have it transferred to my new one?

A: No. Expired and Renewed passports do not affect the validity of the Visas. However, you must bring your old passport with valid visas along with your new passport when travelling.


Q: Can I renew my passport even though it is still valid for more than one (1) year?

A: Yes, provided that it is for employment purposes. Countries such as Kuwait require two years validity of passport when applying for working visa.


Q: Is it mandatory to renew my expired passport even though I have no plans to travel anytime soon?

A: No. You may renew your expired passport any time you wish.

However, we strongly recommend that you should have a new passport prior to making any travel plans.


Q: Are there any penalties for the replacement of my expired passport?

A: No. There are no penalties for the replacement of your expired passport.


Q: Is there a color restriction for pens to be used in my passport application form?

A: You may use either black or blue-inked pen.


Q: Do I need to bring a passport-sized photo for my application?

A: No. You do not need to bring a passport-sized photo for your passport application. The DFA Consular Office will take your photo.


Q: What is the consular service hotline I can contact?

A: 556-0000


Q: I applied for express processing of passport; Will I be able to get my passport exactly after seven working days?

A: Yes, provided that the system will not encounter any fraudulent hit in the applicant’s biometrics.


Q: I paid for an express processing, however my passport was not available on the scheduled release date, can I refund my payment for express processing?

A: No.


Q: I have printed visas with me, can I staple it on my passport?

A: No. Stapling documents and putting necessary designs or accessories may damage the passport which might cause inconvenience.


Q: Can I bring my friend or family with me when I apply for a passport?

A: No, unless the applicant is a senior, minor, or PWD which will need further guidance, assistance, and supervision.


Q: Do I have to pay in booking appointment?

A: No. Setting an appointment can be made at home, office and other computer shops with no fee.


Q: Do I need to put my documents in brown envelope?

A: No.


Q: I am renewing my passport, do I get the old one back?

A: Yes.


Q: I need to travel soon, somebody offered me an earlier appointment for a huge amount of money, what do I do?

A: Avoid having contact with fixers. If you encounter such cases, you must report it immediately. Fixers and engaging in fraudulent activities are punishable by law.



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