General Requirements

1. Personal appearance
2. Confirmed appointment for applicants with expired passports and issued travel documents (lost-valid passport applicant may proceed directly to the Consular Records Division at DFA-Aseana without an appointment)
3. Duly accomplished application form. Download your application form here.
4. Requirements for the first-time passport applicants are still prescribed.

Please take note that there will be a 15-day clearing period prior to the processing of application for replacement of a lost/mutilated valid passport.

Important Reminders

Passport Processing Fees and Lead Times

For New Passport Applications and Renewals:


Type of Processing

Processing Time

Passport Processing Fee

Metro Manila

(Satellite Consular Offices)

Regular Processing

10-15 working days

Php 950.00

Expedited Processing

5-7 working days

Php 1,200.00

Outside Metro Manila (Regional Consular Offices)

Regular Processing

30 working days

Php 950.00

Expedited Processing

20 working days

Php 1,200.00
*Processing days may vary depending on the location of the Regional Consular Office where the application was filed

For e-Passport Extension
• Php 200.00

For Replacement of Lost e-Passport
• Php 1,300.00
o Please note that this includes a 15-day clearing period

Passport Filing and Releasing Schedule

Filing of Passport Application    08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. only

Passport Releasing                     03:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. only (Monday to Friday)

General Reminders

• Personal appearance is required for all applicants.
• A confirmed appointments is required for all applicants except for senior citizens, infants and minors below one (1) year old, visibly pregnant women, and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). OFWs must present sufficient proof such as a valid employment contract or OEC.
• Earrings and contact lenses must be removed during data capturing.
• Smiling with visible teeth is not allowed during data capturing.
• Data such as suffixes, special characters, and spellings of names must be consistent in all documents such as Birth Certificate, IDs, and supporting documents.
• Make sure that all fields in the Birth Certificate are fill-out correctly.
• Before affixing your signature to certify that the encoded information is accurate and correct, make sure to check the data in the computer monitor and the Enrolment Certificate.
• The passport of a minor applicants shall be released only to the minor’s parents or to an authorized representative with Special Power of Attorney and Affidavit Support of Consent.
• Passports unclaimed after six (6) months will be cancelled per Department Order No. 37-03.
• Additional supporting documents may be required as necessary, especially for applicants with dual citizenship and with foreign-sounding family names to prove citizenship.

Note Verbale Requirements

1. Issuance of Note Verbale Application Form.
2. Photocopy of valid Passport.
3. Signed Travel Authority/Indorsement Letter.
4. Photocopy of Confirmed Flight Itinerary (for In-Transit)