Published 19 October 2018

 The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) wishes to inform passport applicants availing themselves of courtesy lane privileges such as overseas workers, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, minors, and solo parents, that its Consular Offices (COs) nationwide will accommodate them during office hours.

The public is, however, advised that COs may set a cut-off time or limit the number of applicants who could be accommodated in the courtesy lanes depending on the space and capacity of each CO and the need to ensure the safety and convenience of the public.

Applicants are likewise advised that access to the courtesy lane could be restricted in the aftermath of emergencies such as typhoons, earthquakes and national declarations suspending government operations. This is intended to allow COs to serve applicants whose online appointments were affected by the emergency.

The public is reminded to check DFA advisories in these instances. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.